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A.r.'s journal!

What happens when your mind is run by a raving loon and a clueless cleptomaniac

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29 July 1989
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I'm greasy, basement-dwelling, bisexual fangirl who enjoys over-analyzing shitty animu villains and being a cornucopia of derp. UC Gundam has owned my soul since '01 and always will, though I now cheat on it constantly with Pokemons nonsense. My updates of this journal tend to be fandom related nowadays, and sporadic at best. Feel free to poke whatever entries are recent, lord only knows my ass loves some attentions :|


/m/, 0080, 0083 being awkward, 08th ms team, 1/6, 4chan, a horrible pokemon collector, abnormal psychology, airshipping, angels, animal rights, anime, asspie manrei, asspies, badunkadunk in the trunkadunk, bein-all-asspie-n-shit, boobs, breasticles, butchin it up, butts, butts on parade, buttsecks, chairman-kaga-mixed-with-the-boob-and-teh-rei, cima garahau femdom, cockroaches, crack, creepy dolls, curlicues-that-induce-mating-urges, custom dolls, dat ass, dave-gahan-having-gay-sex-with-sho-hayami, dem tits, depeche mode, derp, dinosaurs, doujinshi, dyke hair, entomology, eusine, eusine slappin hos, eusine's crazy ass, faggery daggery doo, faggorty, fallen angels, fandom crack, fanfiction, feminism, ffffffffffff, fic, garma, garma zabi, gay earrings, gay rights, gay russian speed whores, ghinikins, ghinius, ghinius muthafukkin' sakhalin, ghinius's dick :o, ghinius-riding-the-disco-stick, ghiren zabi, giovanni's italian sausage, giren, girenxcecilia, gotta purdy mouth boi, gundam, gundam 0079, gundam 0080, gundam 08th ms team, hentai, herpetology, human rights, hurr, jirarudan, jiriiamgoingtoraepyouranimuass, jirilawrencelamp, jizz in my pants, junkyspot, lavalamp, lawrence iii, lesbianism, lgbtq, mecha, memes, mew, mikage, nin, nine inch nails, obitsu, obitsus, origami, phallic towers, pokemon, pr0n, psych dykes on bikes, psychology, queer theory, quoting-deliverance-while-watching-pokemon-movies, raep, revolutionary girl utena, riding a short bus, robots, sacredshipping, science, seraphim, shojo ai, short bussin it, sku, slutty shamrocks, smoldering poptarts, space aids, spaceaids, spayce aids, steelshipping, stoners with ghosts, stupid sexy trent reznor, tacoma, team rocket, trent reznor, u2, uc gundam, utena, vajayjay, wa, washington, yaoi, yellow submarine, yonic mobile armors, your mother, yurighini, zoology

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