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Also Dragoncon is today and I can't sleep worth shit, so I'm looking at old-ass conversations and shit.

Most are people getting buttmad about my Ghiniassins and other unpopular Gundam opinions, and me getting buttmad back.


fabulous~ no.2

Dear UC fandom,

Can you please stop putting Shiro, Norris, and Aina especially on a pedestal and freaking the fuck out just because someone did something other than mindlessly slobber over them? Just because you like them doesn't mean no one should be allowed to raise criticism of some aspects of their characters.

fabulous~ no.2

Character thought excercise of the now (x-posted from tumbluh)

If a character were offered the contract by Kyubey, what would they do? Assuming an AU where people of any gender or age could be contracted. SPOILERS FOR MADOKA IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN MADOKA FOR THE LOVE OF GOD READ NO FURTHER

Ghinius would probably be one of the types Kyubey would go out of his way to make a contract with. He’s in a position of power, is full of despair and doesn’t have the self worth to think twice about throwing his life away for what he feels is the greater good. All that adds up to a cockton of magical energy plus an easy target. Ghinius would make the contract soon after first being offered (probably either wishing for the safety and success of the Apsaras, or if this is an AU or pre-breakdown something to restore honor to his family for Aina’s sake). He’d have immense power, but wouldn’t know how to really use it and would thus be a poor fighter. Assuming he’s not killed in battle, he’d spiral into despair pretty quickly and go the route Kyubey really intends for: a quick, powerful witch. Not Walpurgis Night levels of power, but still definitely more powerful than Octavia. I actually have a design for witch!Ghinius in my head (amongst other Madoka AU ideas) that’s like a horrible Silent Hill-ish Freudian marionette/doll themed thing (with mechanical parts). And unlike his magical counterpart, the witch would know how to put up a fight and probably be pretty hard to defeat.

Sad thing is, that’s a pretty good symbolic representation for what happens to him in canon. Ghinius was apparently made to be Meguka ._.

Might add more later. In the meantime, anyone else got any?

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Time to suit up for the time of year when Jenny McCarthy and her ilk are even more loud and obnoxious than usual.


SPOILERS if Jenny McCarthy really wants to help autistic people, then she should get the fuck in the kitchen and make me a sammich.

fabulous~ no.2

CON REPORT: Momocon '12

Weeellllllllllll here we go. I might be leaving out a few details because I'm forgetful and slightly hungover, but here's the basic low-down on what went on.

-crowd was SO MUCH BETTER than it has been in years. Less obnoxious, squealing kids, probably thanks to it being a pay con now and thus no longer free babysitting for suburban weeaboo 14 year-olds. It still wasn't as ideal as Dragon*con or FWA (which I'll get into later), but it overall pretty damn good.

-COSPLAYING UNIFORM GHINIUS OMG SO MUCH EXCITE YOU DON'T EVENBRYHKUJOI especially since my girlfriend wore my Aina with me and jhnwb gihj ;3;

-staffing was pretty damn awesome. They only require 6 hours, and I got to be in the Madness Room which was nice, dark, and wtf. AKA right up my alley.

-Okay, I'm probably gonna loose all my 4chan cred for this, but the crowd at FWA (which was happening at another hotel a block away) was chill as fuck. GF and I went and derped around Saturday night and Sunday afternoon (didn't buy a pass or anything, just walked around the hallways and conversed) and just... they were pretty much the opposite of the stereotype of furries we all know and hate. It was a much smaller con and it seemed like most people were in their 20's at least as opposed to a large percentage being under 18 as per the standard at anime cons, so overall they were much calmer and more mature than the crowd at Momo. Seriously, I really hope the two cons sync up again in the future because walking over to FWA and chilling with the furries is very much an enjoyable thing to do when there's nothing at Momo relevant to your interests. Plus it seems like they have much more to offer in the way of room parties *cough*

- I got to room with some of the most awesome people I know (and cuddle with my girlfriend ;3;). Seriously, there was no drama and everyone got along with everyone they didn't already know.


-I didn't get harassed by Hetalia fangirls while wearing Ghinius, and only had 2 mistakes! Including one who realized I wasn't Prussia once she me from the front, and actually had seen/liked 08th MS Team and was all EVEN BETTER when she realized what I was.

-dealer's room was pretty meh, even more than I usually find dealer's rooms to be.

-Rachel wasn't able to make it cause she was sick ;A;

-didn't run into as many people as I'd hoped.

-I kept having to re-glue my Scar nails when I wore him on Friday, and then when I went to take them off they were a fucking bitch. That and since I'm not used to having long nails trying to do stuff with them on was kinda frustrating (though at least I looked FABULOUS).

-panels were also kinda meh.

-didn't get any good pictures of Scar myself, and only a few random people took any in the halls ;3;

-even fewer people than normal recognized Ghinius.

-Scar wig is a fucking hot mess right now.

-didn't get the chance to wear Jiri because Ghinius is an attention whore.

-didn't bother to see Wendy Lee and get her to autograph my Chris Mackenzie figure.

-missed the Con Horror stories panel because derping with furries was apparently more alluring to my drunk self.

-the drive down was a nightmare and took way longer than expected due to Zeth's dad (the driver) having to go out of the way for an errand and getting lost and stuck in rush hour traffic. Never mistake 400 for 285 ever, especially during rush hour.

-the cops kept shutting down all FWA's room parties. Like they methodically walked around every hall listening and if the heard music and shit they knocked and were all WE'VE RECEIVED A NOISE COMPLAINT SO WE'RE JUST GONNA SHIT ON YOUR PARTY NOW KK. Fuk da pohleece :C

-long sleeved costumes with lots of layers + hot, crowded room = brb dying D:

-raver!Scar. I originally planned to wear Puru to the rave, but when the time came I was all fuck, Scar is just too damn fabulous to take off. So I took of the long sleeved shirts it normally has, replaced them with a wife beater, and JESUS CHRIST IT'S A LION IN THE RAVE GET IN THE CAR.

-getting drunk with Drew Smith and friends in the hotel room results in in depth discussions of social justice, the civil war, the current state of Russian politics, and other things of that nature.

-speaking of getting drunk, THE STAFF AFTER PARTY. Went still in Ghinius and, well, let's just say open bars are wonderful and apparently end in me babbling the most bizarre things and drawing lactating toasters in my notebook (amongst other things). I don't remember anything I said the ride back, but GF and Zeth said it was as amazing and hilarious as it was utterly bizarre and nonsensical.  At one point I supposedly told Zeth he couldn't see the con director's boobs because he's intersexed and would explode like a vampire. announced that there's more to Saturn than just rings, and declared a desire to go to the Earth's core with Drew and smoke pot and write the a new Bible (which would apparently contain a bizarre rendition of the story of Moses that involved going to Mars and everyone being chill).

-getting drunk Saturday night and ending up at a psuedo-room party at FWA with GF's friend Matt (the angriest furry) and his friends. Amongst other things we made out on the bed right in front of everyone, were sassy, and Matt threatened to shove a bottle of rum up my ass for I don't even remember.

-more people recognized GF and I were Gundam cosplayers (some even knew exactly what series and everything) at FWA in 30 minutes than all day at Momocon. Another reason to visit them in the future :X

-talking with a big, manly, ex-marine furry my GF knew on Sunday we'd spent a good chunk of the previous night looking for and not even knowing it was him until he whipped out a picture of his fursuit and we were all WAIT A MINUTE ARE YOU CYAN?! He was chill as fuck and said in his years of going to furry, anime, and general geek cons anime cons tended to have the worst funk by far.

-Japanese Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ricky-O. Enough said.

Overall, it was AWESOME. Better than it has been in years. Momocon has risen from the ashes of being a chaotic, overcrowded, glorified daycare for weeaboo children into an actual con. I fully intend to return and staff next year because if this year was any indication, it'll be a blast. I'll post some pics of cosplay nonsense when they get uploaded too, because holy shit GF and I as the Sakhalin siblings omg omg omg

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holy shit Imma posting wtf is this madness

Anyway, back from Momocon which was FUCKING AMAZING. I wore me some Ghinius, roomed with some awesome, and all around had a blast. I'll try to write a detailed review/summary when I'm more coherent and feel less like I want to puke because let's just say I don't remember exactly what happened during and after the staff party (yes, I staffed this year) and there's a good reason for that :I