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If a character were offered the contract by Kyubey, what would they do? Assuming an AU where people of any gender or age could be contracted. SPOILERS FOR MADOKA IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN MADOKA FOR THE LOVE OF GOD READ NO FURTHER

Ghinius would probably be one of the types Kyubey would go out of his way to make a contract with. He’s in a position of power, is full of despair and doesn’t have the self worth to think twice about throwing his life away for what he feels is the greater good. All that adds up to a cockton of magical energy plus an easy target. Ghinius would make the contract soon after first being offered (probably either wishing for the safety and success of the Apsaras, or if this is an AU or pre-breakdown something to restore honor to his family for Aina’s sake). He’d have immense power, but wouldn’t know how to really use it and would thus be a poor fighter. Assuming he’s not killed in battle, he’d spiral into despair pretty quickly and go the route Kyubey really intends for: a quick, powerful witch. Not Walpurgis Night levels of power, but still definitely more powerful than Octavia. I actually have a design for witch!Ghinius in my head (amongst other Madoka AU ideas) that’s like a horrible Silent Hill-ish Freudian marionette/doll themed thing (with mechanical parts). And unlike his magical counterpart, the witch would know how to put up a fight and probably be pretty hard to defeat.

Sad thing is, that’s a pretty good symbolic representation for what happens to him in canon. Ghinius was apparently made to be Meguka ._.

Might add more later. In the meantime, anyone else got any?